We all have fears in life that haunt us nearly every day. But I’m not talking about ‘the fear of spiders’ or ‘the fear of heights’. I’m talking about fears much more closer to home, and even closer to our hearts.

I’m talking about fears that we don’t normally allow others to see. Because, if they know what we’re afraid of, they’ll know exactly how vulnerable we are. And, if they wanted to, they’d know exactly how to hurt us, right where it hurts us the most.

And my fear? Well, I have the fear of never being good enough. Of knowing that there will always be somebody out there that will be better than me. And that kind of scares me. Because what if my best is never good enough? And what if my best can never take me to the kind of success that I want?

But, writing this post has made me realise that I can use that fear in one of two ways. I could let it demotivate me into never trying my best, and fearing failure. Or, and more realistically, I could let it spur me on to always trying my hardest and fighting for what I want. And I think it’s pretty obvious which one I’m going to choose.

Because fears are only figures of your imagination and, in reality, they don’t actually exist. So, take control over your own fears and never let them stand in your way of success.

– – ‘Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will’

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